Sunday, July 27, 2008

Possible Solution to Inter-Motorist Communication Problems

By Chris Haak


Late last week, I came across an interesting product that solves an age-old problem of not being able to communicate quickly, accurately, and effectively with fellow motorists. I've seen joking proposals in the past that our license plate number be our cell phone number, but obviously that wouldn't really happen.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone that their turn signal has been on for the past ten miles, but you were both at highway speeds, so there's no way they would have heard you? How about asking an inattentive driver to stay in his or her lane and hang up their cell phone?

A few months ago, I was behind a car that was driving erratically on a two-lane road. During a five-mile stretch that I was following this car, it crossed the double yellow line, or the single white line on the shoulder, no less than 15 times. Once, at least 3/4 of his car was in the oncoming lane, and another time, he was so far onto the shoulder that he hit the grass and dirt along the road. Drunk driver? Nope, at a stop sign, I noticed that he had a cell phone handset up to his ear.

The sign above would have been the perfect solution. If you purchase a spiral-bound book of signs from, they are printed normally on one side, and as a mirror image on the other side. In the situation above, rather than honking and holding my own cell phone up to the motorist in front of me to encourage him to hang up his phone and pay attention to the more important task at hand. You know, driving.

The company offers both PG- and R-rated signs. Many of the R-rated ones are downright offensive. In all seriousness, even the PG cards could get you shot or run off the road if you show them to the wrong sociopath on the roads, and the R-rated cards probably double the likelihood of something awful happening to you.

It can still be fun to daydream, though, right?

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