Monday, June 11, 2007

New Stuff...New Gig

Is Saturn Really a Success Story?

Time to Build Unreliable Cars?

I've joined the team at The Mags Report. Mags has quadrupled my blogging income, so it really seems to be worth it. :-)

$0 x 4 = $0

Enjoy...oh, and I still write for also.


Mags said...

I'll have you rolling in big bucks in no time!

Jman442Spot said...

Meh, you should expand your own blog and get some quality writers with you. Mags is a hack job that resites what he reads across others blogs and discussion boards nearly word for word; real weak.

But I shall continue reading your thoughts and viewpoints. Keep up the good work!

69Firebird400 said...

jman442spot, I think Mags' writing to be funny and intelligent. Thanks for the kind words about my work anyway. Are you volunteering to write for me? I'll always take new contributors. :)