Friday, February 16, 2007

Chicago Auto Show Recap/Opinions

Over at AutoSavant, they published a somewhat lengthy article I wrote about the new or revised production cars for 2008 that made their debut in Chicago. Models I discussed were:

  • 2008 Dodge Dakota
  • 2008 Ford Taurus/Ford Taurus X/Mercury Sable
  • 2008 Nissan Armada/Pathfinder/Titan
  • 2008 Pontiac G8 GT
  • 2008 Saturn Astra
  • 2008 Saturn Vue Red Line and Green Line
  • 2008 Scion xB/xD
  • 2008 Toyota Highlander/Highlander Hybrid
The Chicago show did not have the same quantity and quality of new model introductions that we saw in Detroit and Los Angeles this season, but the Scions and Highlander should be strong sellers for Toyota; Ford will hopefully find some of its Taurus mojo with the Five Hundred’s name change, and Saturn will continue its momentum with the extensions of the Vue lineup and the debut of the Astra. See you in New York!

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