Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2007 Tahoe with LS7 V8 on eBay

This thing is just WAY too cool. Too bad it's also way too expensive - more than twice as expensive as a new 2007 stock Tahoe. It's a brand new 2007 Chevy Tahoe LTZ with every option, including 20 inch wheels and DVD entertainment, but with one non-dealer installed accessory - a brand new LS7 crate motor. For those not "in the know," that's the heart of a new C6 Corvette Z06...the fire-breathing 505-horsepower, 7.0 liter, 427 cubic inch engine. While I prefer this engine in a Corvette, there's absolutely nothing wrong with putting it into a Tahoe!

Here are some pictures. As you can see, it's almost all stock except under the hood and the side exhaust outlets.
The guy trying to sell it has a promotional video of it available for viewing online available here on Photobucket. It has a few seconds of this Tahoe beating a C5 Corvette. Not bad!

I wonder what the gas mileage is like. :)

Anyway, as of right now, his high bid is $40,100, which is pretty far from the $95,000 he has set as his Buy It Now price.

The eBay listing says that he has done some other upgrades to the LS7 to give it even more torque than stock.

The company that did the work, Red Star Performance, has a website here.

You can buy an LS7 crate motor for about $13,500 from GM. You'd still need lots of other things like ECM chips, beefed up transmission internals, etc.

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